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Mars Rover

This application allows you to call the Mars Rover API and download pictures (locally) taken by Mars Rovers on a given day, by a given rover. The application also allows you to specify a custom list of dates in dates.txt, which will then download photos taken on those dates by all rovers.  Built using Java 8 + Spring Boot.
Code viewable here.

Sales Submissions

Sales Submissions, built with C#, is a Windows application that simplifies reporting of controlled substance sales to various States. The app exports sales data to an ARCOS file using each States’ formatting guidelines. Code viewable here.

Sales Submissions (Web version)

This web version of Sales Submissions was developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Repository viewable here.

Todo Web App

User todo application built using Spring Boot, Hibernate, Angular, and Bootstrap. This application performs CRUD operations regarding “todo items” on a Google Cloud Platform MySql database. . Additionally this app utilizes a one-to-many functionality by mapping a “user” object to multiple “todo” objects.
Repository viewable here.

Score Keeping Website

Personal site created to keep track of scores of various games I play with a friend. Site is built using Spring Boot with an Angular front-end to communicate with a MySQL database (on Google Cloud Platform), and is running on a Heroku Dyno.
See the site here.


Dynamic web app made using Java, JSP, and HTML running on Tomcat to perform CRUD operations on a MySQL employee database. Repository viewable here.